Guardian Field Labeling Agents are available to make client-designated site visits to health care facilities, schools, public buildings where fire doors and frames may be missing fire-rated labels, a code violation. 

The Field Labeling Technician will review and analyze three components of the fire door assembly - the door, the frame and the kickplate (their construction and material makeup). After analysis of these factors, the Technician will apply the appropriate time rated labels to the three components: 20, 45, 60, 90 or 180 minute labels and smoke labels where required. These labels apply only to the door, frame and kickplate. All of the other fire door assembly hardware items must have their own fire-rated designations. Door and sill clearances are not covered by the Guardian applied fire rated labels.

A report on all openings reviewed is provided to the client upon completion of Guardian’s site visit and affixing of labels. The report contains opening number, label serial numbers  & time ratings for doors and frames.  Any deficiencies noted for the hardware are expressed in the "Comment" column of the report.

Guardian’s labels are recognized by building code inspectors, JCAHO and other Authorities Having Jurisdiction.  Guardian’s field labeling service can save costs of replacing doors and frames that are missing labels.

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