Product Certification

Having your product fire tested and certified is often required for building code compliance. To become certified, a product test report must be issued by an accredited test laboratory.

Over the course of our 25-year history, Guardian has tested and certified thousands of products. Our internationally accredited lab is approved to test to UL, ASTM, NFPA, CSA, and ULC standards for timed fire endurance, flame spread, safety, and efficiency.

We also understand that the listing and labeling process can be intimidating or confusing for many of our clients, especially those new to fire testing. That’s why in addition to our technical expertise, we strive to provide helpful, personalized service from start to finish of the certification process.


  • Building products, including fire door assemblies, adhesives, floor/ceilings, and expansion joints
  • Record protection equipment
  • Solid fuel heating appliances of all kinds


  • Guardian is accredited as a Product Certification Body through American National Standards Institute (ANSI)


Steps for product certification

The following is an abbreviated outline of the certification process. For a more detailed explanation of the process and each step, contact us for more information.

  1. Initial facility inspection – Guardian will conduct an inspection or evaluate a report from an accredited Inspection Agency.
  2. Listing and labeling agreement – We will issue a contractual agreement that spells out the responsibilities of both parties.
  3. Label design – You can submit a label design or choose to use Guardian’s open stock labels.
  4. Listing certificate – After approval, Guardian will issue a certificate attesting to the fact that the product has been accepted and listed.
  5. Listing Added – Product will be added to Guardian’s Certified Products Directory
  6. Future inspections – Our Factory Inspection Division Manager will schedule future inspections and follow up on any nonconformities.
If you’re interested in having your product certified by Guardian, complete a Product Certification Application. We will send you an application for you to complete and submit. To evaluate the suitability of a product listing, we can conduct a product test report or use an engineering evaluation by an accredited laboratory.
“Guardian Fire Testing Laboratories is a professional organization which has been thorough in their testing, on-site inspections and communication and we look forward to many more years of quality service.“


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